Starlings Global

About us Startings Global is social impact advisory/consulting firm that is purely shaped/formed based on wisdom/expertise of social impact professionals in traditional and blockchain industries. The service includes Blockchain and Social Impact in Blockchain centric education, Hackathon, technical support, advisory assistance and conferences.
Our services
Management Consultancy

At Starlings we specialize in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects advisory upon demand. We provide our services to startups as well as established corporations looking at leveraging the potential of distributed ledger technology.

Blockchain Lab

Over 50+ Industries have been disrupted by Blockchain, we not only help you understand, develop solutions, consult, but also organize hackathons along with meetups putting best minds on one stage accelerating the growth and transformation of your business

Social Impact

We believe that decentralized technologies like blockchain can create new social economies and stimulate social innovation. Starlings takes pride in being part of social impact and helps Blockchain startups in social impact by connecting, organizing and networking within our conferences and meetups.

Our mission We are thrilled and excited to share our network in support blockchain in implementing sustainable social impact strategies, and projects. We work with investors to allocate capital to promote a sustainable society. We support movement builders, creators of frameworks and standard setters in advancing organizational and cultural change. We work with civil society organizations and development agencies to design, evaluate and implement sustainable development projects. We engage with innovators and social entrepreneurs to support and advance their ventures. We build capacities in practitioners to develop and strengthen skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources to drive change
Benefits for choosing us
1. Well experienced professionals from China, Eastern Europe and Americas work hand in hand to transform your business intro blockchain
2. Creating and developing Blockchain powered startup that make difference
3. We constantly grow, expand and share our latest findings in our meetups and conferences
4. We are at the heart of Blockchain technology and innovation exploring future ideas
5. Disruption is inevitable, so should be your vision, and we are here to help
6. We localize your idea in global context